March 23, 2010

CREATE CREATE CREATING SUCCESS! BALLOONS at the Whitney Museum of art, March 19 2010

Does anyone know what became the fate of our 43, brightly colored, orange, yellow, and green vessels of inspiration and hope?  Last seen misplaced on the corner of Madison and 74th in Manhattan at approximately 18:00 hours…If you have any information, please contact an associate team member at Contemporary Artistic Technologies.  We thank you for your support.



March 14, 2010

On March 12, 19:00 hours, I lead our Contemporary Artistic Technologies Art Club on a tour of the Whitney Museum.

Jamie Vandenberg & Contemporary Artistic Technologies at Whitney Museum Biennial 2010

We began on the second floor.  It was here that I  introduced several of the key Magic Concepts from our Chelsea Workshop Educational series.  We started with our first Book, The Post-Post Feminist Nude.  By the time we reached the Magic Concepts outlined in the Architect Engineer Abstract Painting, it  became clear to us that there exists a deep thirst for this knowledge.  I was personally very moved by the great throng of students that quickly formed around us.  Eager ears, eyes, and minds opened up to hear, see, and learn.  However, as most of us know, an assembly of citizens that becomes too large can be quite  dangerous.  As we did not wish to contribute to what had clearly become a fire hazard with the aide of the institution’s hired help, we quietly dispersed the large crowd and moved to the next floor for a meditative stretch break.  We continued our museum art club tour on the forth floor with a botanical drawing exercise using our book the Sophisticated Naive Folk Drawing for guidance.  We ended our evening of  cultural education in the lower level cafe.

I sipped a lovely glass of light, Old World Chardonnay , while simultaneously taking in the rich, dark notes emanating from the jazz fusion performance on stage.  I opened up and  let my mind wander.  I contemplated the possible tropical destinations for my next vacation.  I thought triumphantly of  the  crates of wonderful French Burgundy I was able to purchase at Sotheby’s last wine auction.  And then for some reason, my mind thought of Haiti. Obviously it would not be a suitable place for my upcoming vacation, there were few luxury hotels to begin with before the very natural disaster .  But I did recall  several facts that seemed to all fall together to create a startling notion in my minds eye.  I recalled that Haiti had to pay back  damages plus interest  to France for burning plantation fields, destroying colonial government buildings, and the loss of  property that each Haitian slave represented. I have heard that many in Haiti are dreadfully thirsty.  Perhaps, along with the coordination of American Military cargo ships,   France could send a tax deductible gift of it’s very finest.  Some people in Haiti might be in need of dry, clean clothing before the upcoming rainy season.  And just maybe, the Whitney Museum still has left over inventory from the last Biennial Artist T-shirt line.  The t-shirts could bridge a GAP between the former Banana Republic and our Old Navy.  Remember, students sometimes it is not simply enough to Create Success but we must also create understanding.

Yours truly,

Jamie Vandenberg


March 11, 2010

March 5th, 2010

March 5th, 2010 Whitney Museum of American Art : Collecting Biennials


March 9, 2010

Yes!  I can not speak for you dear readers but my old olfactory bulb is picking up a peculiar scent in the wafting breeze…thats right it’s SPRINGTIME coming to New York.

Team Leader for Research and Development at the Whitney Museum of Art

The rounding out of winter began with New York City’s Fashion week, followed quickly with the related Armory Art Fair Week and the Opening of the Whitney Biennial.    On February 26th, I lead our highly qualified research team on a DFAME (Data Field Archive Mining Expedition).  It was at the Whitney Museum were we probed and extracted a veritable treasure trove of both hard data and non solid experiential encounters.   The following week we presented our findings to the March 5th symposia at the museum with the public body in attendance.  It is our aim, and our deep hope that with much diligence and tenacity our labors may eventually aid in the development of our new Doctorate in the Studio Arts program.  This is Jamie Vandenberg of Contemporary Artistic Technologies wishing you a bountiful week ahead and as always asking you to CREATE, CREATE….. CREATING  SUCCESS!

2010 Join Us For A Creative Journey

January 1, 2010

The winter solstice is behind us and the days will only grow brighter.  It is 2010 and it is time for the journey of a lifetime.  The greatest, passionate, most thrilling adventure that one can embark upon.  The journey within.   Make this year a year to remember, and join me, Jamie Vandenberg and the folks here at Contemporary Artistic Technologies as we help you, help yourself.  Discover your own powerful engine, the force that moves the world.  IT IS TIME.  Time to start creating…

Create, Create, Creating Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make 2010 a Year of Creation

New York’s Art Fall Season Is Upon Us 2009!

September 5, 2009

The scent of my tulips are certainly rejuvenating but summer holidays, like the sweet aroma of my tulips can not last all year. So People are returning from the Hamptons, the Cape, and the Old World back to New York City.  It is that time of year again.  Lovers of Art, Beauty, and (t)ruth are you ready?  Strolling over Chelsea on the new High Line walkway one might not notice all the buzz below.  Teams Of Hired Work Crews, rolling on fresh layers of white paint onto gallery walls, unpacking wooden crates full of this season’s fresh goodies, installing/manufacturing work on site, and laboring away in studios around the clock, painting, photographing, designing, sculpting, and editing  for the world’s fall 2009 Artist Brand product lines.  Bring your glasses, for in less than a week from now the wine and visuals are sure to overflow…

Days of Summer ending in New York

Days of Summer ending in New York

An Evening of Theater, Art, Stars, Beer, Cigarettes, and Success!

July 15, 2009

Cigarette Plays Poster
See you there friends,

Jamie Vandenberg



July 14, 2009


Come and Join me for a special evening.

Come and Join me for a very special evening.





On Friday July 17th, Contemporary Artistic Technologies is proud to present our INTENSIVE SEMINAR in Brooklyn, NY. 7pm at Newtown Barge Park right off the G train at Greenpoint ave. It is all part of an evening spent under the stars and basking in the glow streaming from the artists on stage. Pay what you wish, suggested 10$ donation and complimentary beer, a creative production brought to you by The Lighthouse Theater Company. Stay in touch via our website or here at Jamie’s personal Blog for further information.

Jamie Vandenberg Words Of Inspiration

July 5, 2009


A moment of reflection at FIGMENT

A moment of reflection at FIGMENT

What wonderful weather, what  idyllic surroundings, what words of inspiration, what a way to spend the weekend!

Join Us for THE WORKSHOP @ Figment this Sunday!

June 10, 2009

FIGMENT arts festival on Governors Island, New York City  June 12, 13, and 14th


Come and Join us this weekend JUNE 14 SUNDAY

Come and Join us this weekend JUNE 14 SUNDAY


Create, create, create, ..... Creating Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Create, create, create, ..... Creating Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Sunday come and join us for a full length seminar with myself, Jamie Vandenberg.  If you have yet to take this informative workshop now is your chance!  Or if you have experienced THE WORKSHOP in the past but are eager to take our philosophies of success to a deeper level in your life, then make sure to visit Governor’s Island this weekend.  It is a short ferry ride away within New York city and the entire event is free and open to the public.  Look for our educational associates  SUNDAY June 14 in the Chapel Bazaar area.  For more information go to